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Male Edge is a penis enlarger of a new generation. It promises you safe and natural penis growth.

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Male Edge Penis Extender – A Review


Male Edge Penis Extender


With hectic lives and responsibilities to deal with, one of the things that fall by the wayside is sex and intimacy for couples. There are instances when men feel inadequate because their penises are too small. Quite a few products on the market these days promise to change this aspect – one of them is the Male Edge penis extender. The question persists - what sets this apart from the others?

#1 Phallosan Forte
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The Male Edge penis extender uses traction to lengthen the penis. The device has to be attached to the penis and then adjusted for tension so that it can do its job. Over a period of time, the tissues in the penis grow to accommodate the traction – the penis is, at least, ½ an inch or longer. The device is sold in 3 different versions – Basic, Extra and Pro. The only difference is that each version is that there are extras added on. 


Kit Contents – An overview


MaleEdge Basic


The basic kit includes a device with a strap, measuring gauge and information which offers the buyer access to an online program. There are videos on the website which provide information on how the strap should be used for efficient growth.  All the kits are very reasonably priced and range between $175 + tax for the basic to $220 + tax for the Pro version. Check out the website to know more about this.


What sets this brand apart is quality. The device is already assembled, and all the user has to do is to adjust it to the required size. The device has a locking mechanism, making it easy to keep it on and do its job. It has a traction indicator built in so that it can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. A velcro strap is also attached so that it is easy to keep on. The Male Edge extender can be used even by men who have been circumcised. 


What is the Effectiveness


Male Edge


You need to wear penis extender every day for at least 3 hours for results to show. Results are visible within a few weeks. The average increase in the length for most users is 25% or more and 15% or more in girth. These gains are permanent due to the nature of the device and the enlargement method. Even men who have Peyronie’s disease or curvature in the penis can use it without any problems.


This device is considered really safe because of all the safety features built in. It is fully adjustable and eliminates the chances of injury to the user.You should do your research before you purchase any product – you will find that this is one of the best products on the market.

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It not only increased my size, but also improve my erections, they are harder and longer lasting. I can last longer and feel more confident in bed.


When I started to wear the extender it was not very convenient, but after 3 months of use I don't even notice it. The results suprised me a lot - I gained 2 icnhes in length and 1 inch in girth after 9 month of use.


The shippin is quick, and so are the results! I gained 2 inches with Male Edge after 3 months of wearing this device.

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